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2016 - ongoing

Transitions is a durational-performance cycle (I displacement, II loss, III realignment, IV disintegration, V expansion, VI contraction, VII sublimation). It started on October 22, 2016, and will conclude on October 22, 2023, upon completion of a 7-year interval. Six of the seven actions have been performed so far, between Valencia, Sofia, Kiyv and Kolkata.

A specific duration is  experienced in each action, starting from a preconceived task, (to transport throughout the space an amount of sand from the Mediterranean Sea, using a small spoon), adapting to the site where it takes place.

By mirroring seven natural transformation processes of matter, modulated repetition is considered as framework to generate meditative spaces, where gestures, movements and actions accumulate to reveal more about the process over time. 

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