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single channel 4:3 digital video

 2.1 surround channel soundtracks















































Fragments is a short experimental documentary film made at the conclusion of the project Displaced Frequencies, realized in Koilani, Cyprus, during the last August.


It brings together the obsession and reflection of being present in a specific space-time as the ground for an action, performing a reconstruction exercise of the experience through the subjective memory. This exercise is based as much on the action of remember the process as the perception of the distance from the experience itself.


It is created through the audiovisual documentation that was undertaken during all of the phases of Displaced Frequencies, exploring the mutual influence between all these factors.


The image consists of fragments of videos of the space where the action was performed (inside the old school of Koilani), and different sites around the village, filmed at first as a way to collect information about the context. The sound part is built up from recorded interviews with local people, and the tests that I did with my voice to observe the behavior of the sound in that particular space.


Fragments is a superposition of different times and spaces, an interval overlapping, articulated around the memory of experiencing a live moment .


What are the relations between language, perception and memory?

How to describe an experience whose essence lies in the annulment of the language itself?

It is possible to remember information that has not been coded?


I am interested in experiencing the limits of the self, how they move, how they change; the particular situations in which the consciousness meets everything that happens within a specific interval, and expands itself in space-time, becoming only an interface, observing without intention, without codes, without any information processing; and how, as far as possible, we can transfer this experience, even imperfectly and fragmented.


One of the things that stunned me most was, that when for the first time I entered that space, I noticed, at the end of the room on the floor, next to the window, some dead butterflies. After a while, I realized that one of them was still alive, between the wall and the glass. I opened the window and tried to help it out. Then I realized that It didn't want to leave, that for some reason the butterfly knew that was the place and the moment where it must be.

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