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Themistoklis Nathanael 

Themos Anthoussis 

K. Z. Sofoklou 

Anthoúlla Phylactós

Takis Skaros

Yiórgos Yeorgiádes

Charalampos Kontogeorgis

displaced frequencies


Anthoúlla Phylactós and Themos Anthoussis photography by Emma Louise Charalambous


site-responsive performance

7 hours

Xarkis Festival

curated by Xarkis Festival and Sensorium Space

Old School of Koilani

Koilani, Cyprus


photography: Emma Louise Charalambous

video: Zeta Spyraki




Displaced frequencies was a site-specific project developed during the residency Bodily Pitches in Koilani (Cyprus), organized by Xarkis Festival in collaboration with Sensorium Space, and presented on August 20th at the old school of the village.

The complexity of Cyprus political situation since 1974 due to Turkish military occupation, together with its cultural heritage, make the Cypriot identity an intricate and fractured case study. This project aimed to collect small fragments of life, memory and culture that has survived despite the circumstances.

Seven random people from Koilani were asked about the first song that they remembered from their childhood. The answers were handwriting on paper and used to perform an action at the end of the process.

The performance took place in one of the classrooms of the old school, nowadays used as storage for community purposes. Over seven hours, I would burn the answeres, scatter the ashes and hide the left pieces of paper into the cracks of the room. 

Popular songs, tales, myths and legends transmitted orally represent a primary source of cultural heritage. Overproduction capitalism exerts a territorialization of this heritage, displacing and replacing the proper signs of each identity, carrying out an unprecedented standardization of the world.


Despite globalization, certain signs still resonate, resisting the passage of time, just as the first memory. Although increasingly diffuse.






The first time I entered that space I found, at the end of the room on the floor, next to the window, some dead butterflies. After a while, I realized that one of them was still alive, between the wall and the glass. I opened the window and tried to help it out. The butterfly didn't leave. It remained inside. 

fragments​, 2017

single channel 4:3 digital video



Captura de pantalla 2018-11-20 a las 0.1

still from video by Zeta Spyraki

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