action based film

single channel 16:9 full HD video

color, stereo

25' 47"













































Diarios is a performative project that takes place between April 2017 and April 2020. I document unnoticed actions of short duration, improvised during everyday situations, through a mobile phone. This film contains 36 raw videos, chained one after the other. They correspond to the 36-month duration of the project, and were taken in different places in Spain, Italy, Serbia, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Cyprus, India and Bulgaria.

Scale as a relation of proportions, allows us to understand and conceive ourselves  interrelated to space-time units. We develop linguistic categories and levels of categorization, giving rise to neural integration algorithms based on that inescapable engagement with space, in time. Cognitive processes interweave the phenomenal experience, in a continuous dialogue with an apparent external reality always changing.


Based on the elementary relationship between body and space, a knowledge grounded on intuition, chance and sustained listening is proposed, as an approach to the places that we move through, temporarily inhabit, and eventually leave.


I am interested in drawing connections between action, observation, contemplation and comprehension; to question the way in which we configure contexts and recognize ourselves in them; creating new liminal spaces and times to situate.