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Playa de Daimuz, Spain

 17th October, 10:16 - 10:23

single channel 16:9 full HD video

color, 5.1 surround sound
6' 25"













































screened at:

2019 Performance is Alive, Grace Exhibition Space (New York, US)

2019 FIVAC Festival Internacional de Vídeo Arte de Camagüey, Sala Georges Méliès (Camagüey, CU)

 2019 Performance is Alive at SATELLITE ART SHOW, MoHA Museum of Human Achievement (Austin, US)

 2019 XIII Perfochoroní Festival Internacional de Performance (Choroní, VE)

memory of countless places resonate

underneath your dead skin

where space is no longer outer

nor inner.

Something is about to happen.

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